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Blackjack Strategy Card

Hitting and Standing

The most important decisions a player has to make is whether to hit or stand on particular hard and soft hands. Fortunately the choices are rather straightforward.

For hard hands, if the player’s cards total 12 or higher, there are three simple Rules. On soft hands, hit and stand using these rules:

Doubling Down

The full benefits of basic strategy begin when the player has an opportunity to increase their bet, either by doubling down, splitting or sometimes both. It is important to know which situations provide the player with and advantage when doubling-down. Doubling-down is the chief method through which layers reduce the house edge.

For hard hands, three basic rules govern play:

When the dealer’s hand is showing a ten or less, the player will want to double down when their hand totals eleven. For soft hands, three rules are also essential:

When the dealer’s hand is showing a five or six, the player will want to double down when their hand totals a soft 13 or soft 14. Any other situation should be handled by the rules for standing and hitting.

Splitting Pairs

For splitting pairs there are six, simple and easy-to-remember rules that apply. When the dealer’s hand shows a two through six, eight or nine, the player will want to split nines.

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